April 2018: What I’m Reading

I get two questions when people find out I am studying to become a librarian.

  1. You need a master’s for that?
  2. What are you reading?

The first question is never not condescending and I’ll talk about that in another post. But, the second question is a fabulous question. What a great way to learn about people’s interests and passions.

My interests are diverse, but my passion is supporting women’s voices. I’m in graduate school so a lot of what I read is content that is easily read on the go and free. Ultimately, I believe that supporting women is really easy: read about women’s experiences written by women. Then support those women by reading more of their work and sharing it with people.

I don’t buy a lot of books because it’s not affordable on my budget. BUT, there is content EVERYWHERE…. and your local public library is usually happy to provide any book you want.

Here are a few women that I read every day and feel inspired by.

Leanne Woodfull, is an Irish blogger that has electrified my time in Dublin. I read her Twitter and Instagram every day. Her voice keeps me engaged with women’s issues in my adopted hometown and she’s also a dog lover and excellent writer. Twitter/Instagram: @leannewoodfull

Shannon Magee, is a writer and poet. She’s really brave too, because she writes and writes and writes. People who create constantly are warriors who labor to relate and articulate regardless of… anything, takes a lot of spirit. Also, the poem I linked too is about bras–highly recommend.

Twitter: @elephant_writes and Instagram: @shenanigans.magee

Sophie Kohne, is an ally. Your ally, my ally, the earth’s ally…. she’s there. Her advice on Instagram about how to be sustainable and treat our planet and its inhabitants with care. Her tips are easy and vary from listening to a podcast on a certain subject to trying new ways of cutting down on paper waste. She inspires me to try new things.

Roxane Gay, is an author I pre-order for… Difficult Women is short stories about women who cleave through difficult paths. Bad Feminist is a series of essays that share some of her experiences as a woman of color in the USA and sheds light on American culture’s fixation on women’s bodies… the crushing weight of that fixation too. Also, her Twitter is fantastic and I savor every rant, link to an article, and review: @rgay

Gwen Smith, the fact that she inspires me may seem obvious because I wrote a book about her. But, let me gush. She’s a columnist for Bay Area Reporter, “Transmissions,” is honest and I read them hot off the press. Reading about her life is humbling, reading her carefully honed words is a privilege. Gwen is on Twitter too: @gwenners

If you don’t know what to say, ask “What are you reading?” If you need to prod, “What about on Twitter? Or Instagram?” Everyone reads, even if they don’t buy books.

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