About me

IMG_0782My name is Sophia Cecelia Leveque. I am one thesis paper away from finishing the one-year master’s program in Library and Information Studies at University College Dublin, Ireland. All ALA approved!

I am a published author, avid traveler, book nerd, and feminist. I am a proud graduate of Wake Forest University. This blog is about my ardent desire to beĀ a librarian when I grow up–but I am hopeful that it can grow into a platform that other people contribute to and can use as an intellectual space. Perhaps, that’s the librarian in me…

I want to show you that the common trope of the shh-ing librarian putting books on the shelf is outdated and overly simplistic; where there is a mass of data, there is a libarian keeping it in order so it can be FOUND and USED.

Librarians are:

  • Access services pioneers
  • Organization mavens
  • Content Creators
  • Off-road Researchers
  • Advocates for their community’s needs
  • Citation Masters, don’t you want people to get credit for their work?
  • PreservingĀ information so that everyone can find it in the future

I am nothing if not enthusiastic. Let me librarian that for you.


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